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The God Myth - Released 1st May 2016

Release Date: 1st May 2016

Does God truly exist?

The bible is possibly the most controversial book ever written, inspiring argumentative debate since it became a collated work, but can it really be promoted to us as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Is the god of the bible not only an impossible concept but is "he" also an entity that is far less powerful than his alleged creation?

Can a country be held in the grip of poverty, its women subjected to prolonged motherhood and abuse, and with its people living within religious laws that can only be deemed inhumane, bigoted, racist or homophobic, to the point that they are truly Crimes Against Humanity? 

Considering a vast amount of subject matter from the Mayfly and Khufu’s pyramid to a Ballistic Missile Submarine, Cave Paintings to the Andromeda galaxy, a Martian "crab" to the Insect Composite Eye, Body Snatchers and even Religious Art, the author claims that the sole logical conclusion can only be that bible is entirely man-made. Indeed the claim is made that it can be shown that the god of the bible is not only a man-made myth but could only ever be considered as a “micro-god”.

The God Myth goes further, and without relying on the fossil record ‎the author elaborately describes a single irrefutable proof from science that the earth is nowhere near 6000 years old. In addition, through detailed consideration and calculations, and the use of specific biblical texts that are contradictory, misleading or pure fantasy at best, we are shown the proofs that not only were the Tower of Babel and Ark utterly impossible, but that languages and race could not possibly be a result of intelligent design by the god of Genesis.

The bible asks us to believe in sea monsters that breathe smoke and fire and have glowing eyes, religion wants us to accept that there were dragons, dinosaurs and even unicorns on Noah’s Ark but are miracles, even by Jesus himself, what they seem to be, and is the bible a book of such fantasy that a group of Zombies were claimed to have wandered the Holy Land?

Quickly destroying the 6000 year timeline of the bible, the Ark and Babel the author claims that the facts revealed do categorically show that the bible cannot in any way be considered as the inspired word of god and by definition therefore it must be man-made. This leads to the only possible conclusion; the god of the bible is a Myth. Science as well as the power and ingenuity of man which are explored within the book are claimed as proof that the bible is not the truth and indeed that its God, Yahweh, cannot possibly exist.

The God Myth is a book that should appeal to religious and non-religious alike. We are taken on a deeply informative, but also thought provoking and philosophical journey of more than 165,000 words. Enhanced with numerous colour images and author diagrams and a fair amount of sarcasm, the author shows us how knowledge has utterly destroyed the god of Genesis.

This could be the most revealing and even life changing book that you read this year, you may come out the other side wondering exactly what it was that you believed in?

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